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The Fast Fourier Transform

Originally posted on Math ∩ Programming:
John Tukey, one of the developers of the Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm. It’s often said that the Age of Information began on August 17, 1964 with the publication of Cooley and Tukey’s paper, “An Algorithm for…

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Predictive Analytics and Spurious Correlations

Originally posted on kenneumeister:
The spurious correlations site has a lot of interesting charts showing various arbitrary combinations of trends that show strong correlations and yet have no rational basis that suggest causation.  Also, the site has a nice feature…

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Data Analysis Learning Path on SlideRule

Originally posted on Data Science 101:
SlideRule is a new startup focused on being on online learning hub. One of the sections of the site allows experts to create “learning paths” for a topic. Well, Claudia Gold, data scientist at Airbnb,…

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