Logarithms Explained, and the Associative Property of Multiplication

The Trickle-Down

So much advanced math relies on a firm grasp of basic Algebra and Algebra II.

Today, lets take a look at logarithms!

So what are logarithms? Well, first let’s look at exponential equations, such as $latex 2^x = y$ where the 2 is a base. We all know that for example, $latex 2^3 = 8$. A general form is $latex b^x = y$ where b is the base. Well, with logarithms, the format is $latex log_b y = x$. So for $latex 2^3 = 8$, we would express that with logarithms as $latex log_2 8=3$. Fun, isn’t it! The logarithm is the number that the base is raised to a power by to equal a given number; in the example above, the base 2 is raised by the power 3 to equal the number 8.

So the tricky part is that you get rules like $latex log_b y + log_b…

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