Google’s PageRank – Introduction

Math ∩ Programming

Importance on the Web

As a society living in the “Information Age,” it comes as no surprise that we are faced with the task of sorting through vast oceans of content. With the admission that most content is actually junk, we must wisely choose the objects of our analysis. The appropriately named site certainly doesn’t deserve the same attention as the BBC World News page, and yet within the monstrous heart of the internet, it requires the maturity of the human psyche to discriminate their relative worth.

However, as with many real-world systems, there is a method to the madness. We have the following two important observations to inspire our quest:

  • The internet is a human construction, and hence
  • The internet intrinsically reflects some level of human interest in its content.

If the second statement is true, that the internet somehow reflects what information people want to absorb (or…

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