UPDATE: these days I’m working much more in the data science arena, as a whole (e.g. statistics, machine learning, Python, R) but I still love SQL and have decided to keep the name of the site the same, since I’ve had it for quite a while.  Find me all around the web: about.me/scottedwards2000

(The below description is copied from the first two paragraphs of my first post “Hello world! (and why you should use the Decimal data type and not Money in SQL Server)”, so don’t bother if you’ve read that already.)

Hi!  This blog is called “The Order of SQL” as both a reference to the community of SQL users I hope to cultivate here and to an upcoming e-book I am working on that explains in simple terms exactly how a SQL query is processed and in what order (no, it is NOT all processed simultaneously).

I will try to stick to ANSI SQL as close as possible, but since my focus professionally is on SQL Server, I may occasionally add in a tidbit or two specific to that platform.   …


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