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What is data science?

Originally posted on Yanir Seroussi:
Data science has been a hot term in the past few years. Despite this fact (or perhaps because of it), it still seems like there isn’t a single unifying definition of data science. This post…

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Neural networks in a nutshell

Originally posted on The Men Who Stare at Codes:
This is the first post that makes justice to the blog’s motto: show me the code motherfucker. In this and the next n posts with the title “Neural networks in a…

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246A, Notes 0: the complex numbers

Originally posted on What's new:
Kronecker famously wrote, “God created the natural numbers; all else is the work of man”. The truth of this statement (literal or otherwise) is debatable; but one can certainly view the other standard number…

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IBM’s Big Data University: Free Online Learning With Over 400,000 Students – Forbes

It is widely forecasted that a shortage of skills in data science and analytics will mean a great deal of money is wasted through missed opportunities in coming years. Traditional academic establishments have begun to move to fill the gap. However, most courses teaching the hot topic skillsets such as […] Continue reading

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Why there is no Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mathematics for Programmers

Originally posted on Math ∩ Programming:
For those who aren’t regular readers: as a followup to this post, there are four posts detailing the basic four methods of proof, with intentions to detail some more advanced proof techniques in the future.…

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Learning Programming — Finger-Painting and Killing Zombies

Originally posted on Math ∩ Programming:
Zmob, my first (and only) original game. By the end, the breadth and depth of our collective knowledge was far beyond what anyone could expect from any high school course in any subject.  Education Versus Exploration I’m…

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Overview of GE’s Change Acceleration Process (CAP)

Originally posted on Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence:
In 1989-90, under the direction of Jack Welch, GE launched “Work-Out” – a team based problem-solving and employee empowerment program modeled after the Japanese quality circles model that was in vogue at the…

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